Berry Hamrick
Berry Hamrick was born Sept.2, 1820, and died Dec. 13, 1917. He first married Catherine "Katie" Hamrick, Feb. 1, 1823-May 27, 1862. They were the parents of Nancy Hamrick, who married Zecheriah Bridges. They were the parents of Cicero Miller Bridges, who first married Susannah Jane Harrill and later Carrie Hawkins Miller. Cicero and Carrie were the parents of Pauline Bridges Navey. Berry Hamrick married two more times, to Celia Pannell and Delphia Hardin.

For a digitized genealogy of the Hamrick family that cites Berry quite a few times, click
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His generation is in Chapter 579. The genealogy was written by Stephen Collis Jones of Shelby, copyright 1920. It is available for purchase from Google books or