Family patterns
American Beauty by Canonsburg (irf)
Windsor by Arcadian (pbn)
Golden Wheat by Homer Laughlin (pbn)
GEO39 by W.S. George Derwood; same pattern as SAB1 by Sabin (sfn)
Courtship sterling by International (sfn)
Unknown silverplate by Wm. Rogers AA IS, similar to this called Lufberry (sfn)
Heritage by Pfaltzgraff (sfn)
Village by Pfaltzgraff (sfn)
Village glassware by Pfaltzgraff (sfn)
Spring Blossom Green by Corning/Corelle (sfn)
First of Spring by Corning/Corelle (sfn)

The Princess by French Haviland (lrb)
English Shell sterling by Lunt (lrb)
Pasadena by Haviland (pab)
PAB's crystal (pab)
Heartland by International/Sunmarc (pab)
Louisiana stainless by Oneida (pab and cmb)
Ivy by Franciscan (pab and cmb)
Spring Violets by Rossetti (cmb)
Old Master Sterling by Towle (cmb)
Winterberry by Pfaltzgraff (cmb)

Blue Breeze by Lenox (cnb)
Antique Blue by Lenox (cnb)
Sky Blue Pinstripes by Lenox (ttn)
Sky Blue Brushstrokes by Lenox (ttn)
Montaigne by Baccarat (ttn)
Tristan by Gorham (ttn)
Fleur de France by Gorham (kbm)
Cherrywood by Gorham (kbm)
Memento by Gorham (kbm)
Nature's Bounty by Noritake Ireland Keltcraft (kbm)
Cornwall by Royal Doulton (kbm)
Old Williamsburg Green by Imperial Glass-Ohio (kbm)
Buckingham by Noritake (kbm)
Tuxedo Platinum by Lenox (sbs)
Snowdrift by Lenox (sbs)
Clarity by Lenox (sbs)
Federal Platinum Frosted by Lenox (sbs)
Storm by Denby (sbs)
Storm by Denby (sbs)
Satin Easton by Oneida (sbs)
Rosemarie by Corning/Corelle (sbs)
Boston by Denby (lbb)
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