Some branches of the Farris family tree

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Let's start with the Farris generation of Sarah and Richard and go up the tree. You can then take it down or sideways or whatever. Some of this information came from family notes, some from The Biggerstaff Family Association Web site, some from an extensive Farris history provided by Joseph Hart of York County and obtained from cousin Irene Farris Carroll, some from information collected by second cousin Dale Cook of Clover, some from grave markers, some from the 1850, 1860 and 1870 Rutherford County census, and some from the 1860, 1870 and 1900 York County census. Anyway, let's get started. First, I will list names found on this page. Boldface names are direct-line ancestors of Sarah and Richard Farris:

Adkins, Allen, Barber, Barrett, Biggerstaff, Bishop, Blanton, Bolin, Boyette, Bridges, Brooks, Burriss, Campbell, Cotten, Couch, Denton, Ervin, Farmer, Farris, Gilkey, Godfrey, Gordon, Hamrick, Hardin, Harrill, Harrison, Hollifield, Horton, Huntley, Husketh, Hutchins, Jenkins, Lane, Logan, Long, Lookadoo, McCurry, McDevett, McGaughey, Martin, Miller, Mooney/Mauney, Moore, Morehead, Morrison, Navey, Nichols, Norris, O'Neal, O'Riley, Painter, Parker, Parton, Robertson, Smith, Stancill, Talley, Taylor, Testerman, Toms, Toomer, Vanzant, Vickers, Walker, Wallace, Ware, Whitecar/Whittaker, Wilkins.

Now for the tree:

William Edwin Farris: Nov. 6, 1926-Nov. 27, 1928. He died of diphtheria.
Sarah Frances Farris: Born Dec. 15, 1928.
M. James Howard Navey: Born July 19, 1925. He and Sarah married on June 13, 1948. Their children: Cathy Sue Navey, born April 1, 1949 (M. Troy Leighton Brooks on Dec. 21, 1969); Deborah Anne Navey, born Jan. 15, 1951 (M. Andrew Robert Burriss on Oct. 23, 1982); James Richard Navey, born Feb. 29, 1956 (M. Victoria Anne Toomer on Oct. 10, 1987).
Richard Stanley Farris: Born June 11, 1941.
M. 1st Patricia Alice Norris: Born Jan. 31, 1943. Richard and Patricia, of Hickory, N.C., married on Nov. 18, 1961. Divorced. Their children: Richard Stanley Farris, Jr., born July 4, 1962 (M. Susan Merrill McDevett on May 7, 1988); Kerry Lee Farris, born March 11, 1966 (M. Sharon Miller on Sept. 17, 1994); David William Farris, born June 2, 1969 (M. Rhonda Linnette Talley on Feb. 11, 1995). Patricia Norris Farris M. 2nd Ed Reilly.
M. 2nd Susan Hamilton Gordon on June 3, 2000.

William, Sarah and Richard, all born in Rutherford County, N.C., were the children of
Hiram Lee Farris: Oct. 4, 1903-Nov. 10, 1965.
M. Ina Sue Robertson: Jan. 1, 1905-March 23, 1962.

H. Lee Farris, born in Rutherford County, was the son of
Moses Miles Farris: Sept, 28, 1879-Nov. 19. 1949.
M. Carrie Ludusca Blanton: May 10, 1879-Sept. 5, 1952. Carrie was first married to Bateman Harrill, with whom she had two sons:
— Roy Reid Harrill of Elizabethton, Tenn., M. Carral Long. Their children: Nancy Phyllis (M. Godfrey Stancill) of Elizabethton, Tenn.; Sarah Carolyn (M. Frank Testerman Jr.) of Rogersville, Tenn.; Frank Keesler Harrill of Elizabethton.
— Edwin Yates Harrill of Avondale, N.C. Yates had two children who died.
Bateman Harrill's parents were Jane Walker and Baxter Harrill of Ellenboro.
Besides Lee, Moses and Carrie had:
— Marmaduke "Duke" Farris, born circa 1909, died July 5, 1986. Married Pearl and lived in Morganton. N.C. Their children: George, Doris, Irene, Ray, Nancy, David.
— Chloe Evelyn Farris, born circa 1911. Evelyn married Joe Hardin, and they lived in Spindale, N.C. Evelyn died after giving birth to daughter, Betty. Betty married George Farris, son of Hugh Caldwell Farris and grandson of George Templeton Farris.
— Nannie Sue Farris, born circa 1915. She was killed at 18 in Spindale while coming home from work. (She was struck by a driver from Charlotte.)
— Pauline G. "Polly" Farris Jenkins, born circa 1917. She and her family lived in Morganton, N.C. She is buried at Cedar Grove cemetery. Her children: Jerry, Rachel, Stan, Jan, Judy, Randy.
— Virginia Farris Farmer, born circa 1920. Known as Jinny in her youth, she first was married to Taft Hutchins and had two sons, Maxie Miles and Wayne, and a daughter, Quinn. Jinny and Taft divorced, she married E. Farmer and began spelling her name Jeanie. She lived in New Jersey, where she later died. She is buried at Cedar Grove cemetery.

Moses Miles Farris was born in York County, S.C., the son of
George Templeton Farris: Dec. 21, 1857-Jan. 17, 1936. He and wife Susan are buried in Enon Baptist Church cemetery in York in unmarked graves.
M. Susan Wallace: January 1855-March 1924. George and Susan were the parents of (complete order unknown):
— John Farris. Married Mary Patterson.
— Moses Miles Farris. Married Carrie Ludusca Blanton Harrill.
— Hugh Caldwell Farris, March 1882 (or Aug. 20, 1882-Jan. 18, 1971). Married Margaret Cluny (poss. Clooney) Owensby.
— Jane "Janie" Farris, born January 1884. Married Joel Francis Owensby.
— Margaret "Maggie" or "Mag" Farris, born May 1886. Married John Morris.
— Dinah Farris, born April 1888. She had a daughter, Violet Farris.
— James Nathan Farris, February 1890 (or Aug. 30, 1890-March 10, 1939). Married Mary Belle Dover. Grandfather of Farris researcher Dale Cook.
— Martha "Mattie" Farris, born January 1892.
— Naomi "Omie" Farris, born February 1894. The 1900 census listed a Nancy Farris, and the 1910 census listed an Amanda Farris. Sue Stewart, daughter of Hugh Caldwell Farris, believes the names on the census are wrong and that the child in question was Naomi. Married Frank Coffee.
— Jesse (Daniel Andrel) Farris, born May 1896. Born Daniel, he was a big fan of outlaw Jesse James so he changed his name. Married Bessie Smith.

Susan Wallace Farris was the daughter of
Miles Wallace: May 2, 1811-May 31, 1887
M. Clementine: Circa 1812-Aug. 30, 1886.
They are buried in Smyrna ARP Church cemetery in Smyrna, S.C.

George Templeton Farris was the son of
John Robert Faris (the spelling from here on is arbitrary; Faries is a common variation, too): Dec. 5, 1833-June 5, 1909. John Robert Faris served as a private in the 12 Regiment, Company B, South Carolina volunteers, "the Campbell Rifles", in the Civil War.
M. 1st Nancy E. Barber, Sept. 17, 1832-Nov. 1, 1900. George and Nancy were the parents of:
— Elizabeth Ann Faris, July 9-1854-Aug. 28, 1916. M. William A. Barrett. Both are buried at Woodside Cemetery, Clover.
— John James Faris, born Jan. 12, 1856. M. Nancy Catherine Martin.
— George Templeton Faris
— Margaret Jane Faris, July 7, 1860-Feb. 28, 1922. M. Hugh David Robinson, July 14, 1855-June 15, 1930. Both are buried at Woodside.
— William Caldwell Faris, April 22, 1862. M. Margaret Elizabeth Ervin, Frances Elizabeth Bolin and Nancy Leona Adkins.
M. 2nd Mary J. Faries, June 1833-April 30, 1913. Mary is believed to be the daughter of John B. Faries, a brother of Moses Templeton Faris, so she and John Robert were cousins. Mary J. had no children, She, John and Nancy all are buried in Enon Churchyard.

Nancy E. Barber Farris was the daughter of
George Barber and Elizabeth Neil: George is buried in Beersheba Presbyterian Church cemetery in Clover, S.C., his tombstone says, "In memory of / GEORGE BARBER / died Dec. 26th 1869 aged / 68 Y. 2 M. & 7 days. That would put his birth year as 1801. George's suspicious death was reported in the newspaper. Click here to read about it .

George Barber was the son of
John Barber: He was born in Ireland, according to Dale Cook, and also is buried at Beersheba Presbyterian Church cemetery in Clover. His tombstone says: Sacred / to the / memory of / JOHN BARBER / who departed this life / on the 5th of June 1843 / aged 95 years. That would put his birth year as 1748, and he would have fathered George at age 53.

John Robert Faris was the son of
Moses Templeton Faris: Oct. 30, 1806-Nov. 26, 1896
M. 1st Elizabeth L. Horton, Nov. 25, 1804-Aug. 26, 1878. Moses and Elizabeth were the parents of:
— Mary Faris, born circa 1826, living unmarried in 1850.
— John Robert Faris
— Arthur Burress Faris, Jan. 10, 1835-Dec. 10, 1880. M., before 1879, Narcissa I., May 10, 1843-Sept. 16, 1884. Both are buried in Enon Churchyard.
M. 2nd Emeline Esther, July 25, 1832-Oct. 4, 1880. Emeline had no children. She, Moses Templeton and Elizabeth L. are buried in Enon Churchyard.
Read the will of John Robert Farris here.

Moses Templeton Faris was the son of
Moses Faris: Born before 1778. His wife's name is unknown. One story is that his wife was an Indian woman. Moses is said to have died by drowning swimming the Wabash River, paying off a bet. His wife brought their five children back to York with one horse. The children:
— John B. Faris, born May 10, 1800. M. Jane Nichols.
— Robert Miller Faris
— Moses Templeton Faris
— Jane H. Faris
— Mary Faris. M. 1st, John O'Neal. M. 2nd, William Ware, who died in 1855.

Moses Faris was the son of
Robert Faris: Born before 1775.
M. 1st, possibly a Miss Miller. They were the parents of:
— Moses Faris
— David Faris, living in 1803
— Sarah Faris, living in 1803
— Anne Faris, living in 1803
— Hannah Faris, living in 1803
— Robert Arthur Faris, living in Tennessee in 1831.
— Mary Faris, living in 1803
— Isabella Faris, M., before 1803, a Mr. Gordon.
M. 2nd Hannah, who may have been the mother of some of these children. She remarried in 1803 John McWhorter and died in Tennessee after 1831.

Robert Faris was the son of
John Faris: Born before 1720 in Ireland and may or may not have migrated to South Carolina from Delaware. He was the father of at least the following children:
— Alexander Faris, born in 1740. M. Jennet.
— John Faris, 1741-Jan. 6, 1825. M., before 1802, Susanna Faris. They had no children. He is buried in Bethel Churchyard, York County.
— Robert Faris
— William Faris, born before 1755. M. Nancy Agnes.
— James Faris, 1754-April 3, 1830. M., before 1802, Anne Faris. They had no children. He is buried in Bethel Churchyard, York County.
— Arthur Faris, born before 1755, living alone in 1800.
Read the will of Robert Farris here.

John Faris was the son of
James Faris: Believed to have been born before 1698. He lived in Ireland and was the father of at least two sons:
— John Faris
— James Faris, born before 1726 in Ireland. M. 1st ??? and 2nd Jane.

Carrie Ludusca Blanton, an only child, was the daughter of
Franklin Keesler Blanton,
July 3, 1851-Nov. 10, 1903
M. Nancy Emmylyn Hamrick, Jan. 7, 1856-June 17, 1953.

Franklin Keesler Blanton was the son of
Ransom Blanton,
July 23, 1815-Oct. 11, 1900.
M. Anna Painter, d. March 1, 1895.
F.K. Blanton, Nancy Hamrick Blanton, Ransom Blanton and Anna Blanton all are buried at the Oak Grove United Methodist Church cemetery near Ellenboro.
Ransom and Anna were married in Rutherford County on Jan. 16, 1841. Riley Blanton was the bondsman and S. Wilkins the witness. In the 1860 census, Franklin Blanton, 9, was listed as the son of Ransom Blanton, 44, and Anna, 36. In 1870, Franklin K. Blanton was listed as 18. The 1860 census lists Ransom and Ann's children as Anthony, 18; Keneth, 17; Matilda, 13; Perry, 11; Franklin, 9; Riley, 7; Temperance, 5; Jackson, 3; Catherine, 1.

Nancy Hamrick was possibly the daughter of
Jason Hamrick,
M. Sarah Anne Blanton, 1833.

Ina Farris was the daughter of
William Wheeler Robertson: Feb. 29, 1872, in Rutherford County-May 13, 1970, in Wake County, N.C.
M. Lucy Ann Frances McCurry: Dec. 15, 1877-April 7, 1960, in Rutherford County.
Bill and Lucy’s children were:
— Wilbur Hampton Robertson, Jan. 3, 1901-15 Sept. 15, 1952. (He died on the way to work in a car accident in which he was a passenger.) He married Jessie Huntley, April 28, 1905-May 1989. Their children: Billy Hampton Robertson, Aug. 24, 1928-May 28, 1973; Bobby Robertson, deceased; Carolyn Robertson Couch, who lives in California. Jessie lived her later years in California and died in Anaheim. She and Billy are buried at Cedar Grove Methodist Church cemetery in Sunshine.
— Ina Sue Robertson.
— Johnnie Hugh Robertson, June 12, 1919-Jan. 5, 2001, in Morrisville, N.C., where he was a former mayor and commissioner for 24 years. He married Frances Cotten on Sept. 6, 1942. Frances was born Jan. 26, 1925. Their children: Julia Ann Robertson, born Sept. 9, 1943 (M. Johnny Boyette); Larry Hugh Robertson, born June 22, 1945 (M. Cheryl); Betsy John Robertson (M. Bishop), born Feb. 28, 1947; Myrna Kay Robertson, born July 1, 1953 (M. Steve Husketh).

William Robertson was the son of
Jonathan Hampton Robertson: May 14, 1832-Sept. 16, 1904, in Rutherford County.
M. Mary Martina Biggerstaff: June 1842-Sept. 10, 1897, in Rutherford County.
Hampton and Mary married on Sept. 24 or 27, 1860. R.P. Biggerstaff was listed as the bondsman and E. Toms as the witness. Ransome P. Biggerstaff was Mary's oldest brother — by 17 years — and was the stepfather of Avery Javon McCurry, father of Lucy McCurry Robertson. Hampton and Mary's children were:
— John Robertson, 1862-1886.
— Susan Robertson Lookadoo, 1864-1886. She married John Hampton Lookadoo. She and their 3-month-old son, Rhyne, died of measles.
— James Kincheon Robertson, 1866-1950.
— Nancy Robertson, Nov. 21 1867-May 22, 1944. She married Crittenden C. Hollifield on Jan. 19, 1888.
— Joseph Robertson, 1870-1897.
— William Wheeler Robertson.
— Lelia Robertson, 1874-1939.
— Mary Etta Robertson, 1876-1958.
— Abi Robertson, Sept. 11, 1878-July 17, 1964. She married Robert Tillman Biggerstaff. They shared a great-grandfather, James Benjamin Biggerstaff, and so were second cousins.
— Andrew Baxter Robertson, May 30, 1881-May 1, 1954 .
— George Lester Robertson, August or Oct. 6, 1884-Jan. 24, 1979. He married Elva Lane, Feb. 14, 1894-May 27, 1977. She was the daughter of Robert G. Lane and Carrie I. Biggerstaff. Carrie was the daughter of Ransome P. Biggerstaff and Frances Mauney, which makes Carrie George's first cousin and Elva his first cousin once removed.

Jonathon Hampton Robertson was the son of
Jimmy Robertson
M. Linda Long, according to family notes.
In addition to Jonathan Hampton, they had four daughters:
— Sally Robertson Long
— Myra Robertson Bridges
— Jemy Robertson Horton
— Betsy Robertson Morrison

Jimmy Robertson was the son of
Johnathon or Jonathon Robertson. Family notes say the Robertsons came from Scotland and that John had two brothers, one named Jimmy. John went to Sandy Level in Rutherford County. Another brother went to Virginia, and the other brother went "somewhere else."

Mary Martina Biggerstaff was the daughter of
Kincheon N. Biggerstaff:
b. Nov. 7, 1803; d. April 25, 1887, in Rutherford County.
M. Marilla Denton: b. April 8, 1801; d. June 27, 1888.
Kincheon and Marilla married on July 3, 1824. James Bell was the bondsman and Davis Whiteside the witness. Kincheon and Marilla's children were:
— Ransome P. Biggerstaff , born Feb. 12, 1825.
— Joseph W. Biggerstaff, born 20 Feb. 20, 1827.
— Samuel Biggerstaff, born Jan. 12, 1829.
— Nancy Biggerstaff, Oct. 24, 1830-June 22, 1909.
— Sarah E. Biggerstaff, Sept. 28, 1832-Feb. 19, 1905.
— John B. Biggerstaff , born Oct. 25, 1834.
— Susan Biggerstaff, June 7, 1836-Dec. 30 1848.
— Marilla Elizabeth Biggerstaff, April 9, 1838-April 22, 1904. She married John Wilkie Harrison.
— William K. Biggerstaff, born in 1839.
— Mary Martina Biggerstaff.
— Charles Wesley Biggerstaff, born Sept. 12, 1845.

Kincheon N. Biggerstaff was the son of
James Benjamin Biggerstaff:
b. 1771.
M. Name unknown

James Benjamin Biggerstaff was the son of
Benjamin Biggerstaff: b. circa 1744; d. Feb. 1, 1782.
M. Mary Vanzant Biggerstaff: b. Dec. 17, 1746, possibly in Pennsylvania; d. circa 1818 in Rutherford County. After Benjamin died at 37, Mary married James Whitecar (Whittaker). She married a third time to John McGaughey. We have no information on what happened to James Whitecar. See for more on this family.

Benjamin Biggerstaff was the son of
Samuel Biggerstaff: b. Circa 1719-20 in England; d. November 1764 at 44 years of age.
M. Elizabeth Moore in Conococheague, Pa., on Nov. 10, 1741.

Mary Vanzant was the daughter of
Garret Vanzant: Of Dutch descent, possibly of Pennsylvania.
M. Mary Vanzant

Now the McCurry side. Lucy McCurry was the daughter of
Avery Javan McCurry: b. Feb. (maybe March) 15, 1851; d. Feb. 4, 1896.
M. Susan Jane Campbell: b. July 28, 1858; d. March 29, 1920.
Besides Lucy, Avery and Susan's children were:
— Johnny, who died as a child.
— Weldon, who was married twice.
— Audie, who lived in Morganton.
— Julius, who lived in Lattimore.
— Arthur, who lived in the Sunshine area.
— Mary McCurry Morehead, who lived in Ellenboro.

Avery Javan McCurry was the son of
William B. McCurry: b. 1825 in Rutherford County, N.C. It is said he originally was buried in the Biggerstaff cemetery on the hill above Robertson creek at Sunshine, N.C. His stone was one of the legible ones there but has been removed.
M. Frances "Frankie" Mauney (Francis Mooney in census records): b. July 8, 1826; d. Nov. 3, 1896.
William and Frankie married on Feb. 25, 1847. George Mooney was the bondsman and G.W. Logan the witness. After William's death, Frankie married two more times. Her second marriage was to Ransome P. Biggerstaff around 1859 — he is listed with her in the 1860 census. With the first two husbands she had:
— Nancy Eliza McCurry, born in 1847.
— Mary Jane McCurry, born in 1849.
— Avery Javan McCurry.
— Susannah McCurry, born around 1851.
— Carrie I. Biggerstaff, born Dec. 15, 1861. She married Robert G. Lane Feb. 3, 1876. Their daughter, Elva, married George Lester Robertson, youngest son of Jonathan Hampton Robertson.
— Milly M. Biggerstaff, born in 1866.
Frankie married Barnabus Wilkerson Barber on June 7, 1883. They apparently had no children.

The following information was provided by Tom McCurry on

William B. McCurry was the son of
John McCurry: b. 1789 in Rutherford County, N.C.

John McCurry was the son of:
William F. McCurry: b. 1764 in Rutherford County, N.C.

William F. McCurry was the son of:
Abraham McCurry: b. 1740 in Rutherford County, N.C.

Abraham McCurry was the son of:
William McCurry: believed to have been b. about 1718 in Virginia.

Susan Jane Campbell was the daughter of
Billy Campbell
M. Amanda Vickers
William and Amanda married on March 26, 1856. E.P. Allen was the bondsman and R.L. Gilkey the witness. In the 1870 census, William was listed as 48 and Amanda 42 with John E., 13; Susan, 12, and George T., 10. In the 1860 census, William Campbell is listed as 32 years old, Amanda, 30; John, 3; Susan, 2; George, 2 1/2 months; Susan Vickers, 70; and Sarah Anders, 17. Here I am assuming that Susan is Amanda's mother. In the 1850 census, Amanda is 22 and living with Charles and Susan Smith. There's a Susan Vickers, too, age 65 and living in the home of Elnathan Walker, a Presbyterian minister. Also, there's a Sarah Vickers, 3, living with Nathaniel Parton, a miner. I don't find her again. The 1870 and 1860 Susan Vickerses don't match in age. Amanda's age is off, too, in 1860, but the 1870 and 1850 numbers jibe. The children's ages jibe in 1870 and 1860. A family note says "Vickers" and just underneath that "from Tennessee." Perhaps Susan and Amanda — and little Sarah — moved from Tennessee to live or work with friends or family.

Frances "Frankie" Mauney was the daughter of
Jonathan Mauney
M. Mildred "Milly" Taylor
Jonathan and Milly (Milley in the records) married on Jan 26, 1815. Joseph Taylor was the bondsman. In the 1850 census, Jonathan Mooney was listed as 55 with Mildred, 54; Susan, 17; Elizabeth, 17; and William Bird, 9. In 1860, Johnathan Mooney was listed as 67 and Milly Mooney as 64. In 1850, Frankie would have been 24, and in 1860, 34. The 1850 lists her as being 22; 1860 as 33. Close enough.