Flower flag

After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, flags sprang up all over the country. It quickly became a part of the landscape between York and Clover, S.C. Linda Koon (not pictured) of Stacy's Greenhouse and Nursery combined 80 red and 103 white chrysanthemums with 40 blue asters to make a huge Old Glory, viewed here by Robin Sanders of Gastonia, N.C. "In this time of tragedy in our country, this is our way of expressing patriotism," Koon said. "And people that come by, they love it."
Linda Koon, her sister, Jane Spratt, and her brother, Louis Stacy, have Farris blood on their mother's side. Their mother, Ruby Paxton Stacy, is a descendant of Rebecca Salena Farris and Green Caldwell Paxton.
Jane Spratt's husband is U.S. Congressman John Spratt.

Photo by Jim Stratakos / The Herald