John Robert Farris
John Robert Farris, grandfather of Moses Miles Farris, great-grandfather of Lee Farris. He was married to Nancy E. Barber and was a Civil War veteran, a private in the 12th Infantry, Company B, "The Campbell Rifles". He was lucky — York County had the highest death rate of any county in South Carolina, 805 out of an adult white male population of 4,379, or 183.8 per 1,000. Photo provided by Dale Cook, his great-great-grandson.
The will of John Robert Farris (Faris, Faries)
County of York
State of SouthCarolina

In the name of God Amen!
I John R. Faris, of the county and state above named being of feeble health and of advanced years but in full possession of my mental faculties and realizing the uncertainty as to the continuance of life and thecertainty of death sooner or later do make the the following disposel of my property real & personal by this my last will and testament.

Item 1. I desire thatall of my just debts & funeral expenses be paid out of my estate.

Item 2. To my wife Mary Faris I give & bequeath all of my real estates to be held and used during the period of her natural life (some words marked through here) all the income then from going to her except so much as may be necessary to pay theannual taxes upon said real estate.

Item 3. At the death of my wife I desire that my real estate be equally divided among my heirs with the following exceptions viz from the portion falling to my son George T. Faries I order $20.00 (twenty dollars) taken and paid ones to my daughter Mrs. M.J. Robinson said addition to Mrs. Robinson's portion being intended as compensation to her for services rendered during her mother's last illness, from the portion falling to my son W. C. Faries I order $100.00 (one hundred dollars) taken and disposed of as follows $25.00 to be exfueded in erecting head rocks to his two deceased wives and deceased daughter and the remaining $75.00 to be divided equally between his six youngest daughters.

Item 4. To my wife Mary Faries I give and bequeath one cow viz. a yellow muley heifer called Filey & two hogs, one bed & bedding & four chairs.

Item 5. All the balance of my personal property I order to be sold at the time best suited in the discretion of the executors and after all just debts are disposed of any remaining money from said sale I give and bequeath to wife Mary Faries

Item 6. I desire that head stones be provided for my wife & myself.

Item 7. I nominate & appoint as my executor Jno. J. Faries, my son, and I call upon him to will well and timely carry out the provisions of this will in the letter & spirit in which I have endouied therein.

Signed sealed & declared to be the last will & testament of Jno. R. Faries before the witnesses named below who in the presence of God & each other
witnessed my signatures of one another.
In testimony whereas to I have this 30th day of March 1905 set my hand & seal.
JohnR. Faries
James A. Hogue
J. B. Houge
Eelie Pressley

State of SouthCarolina
County of York

Personally appraised before me L. R. Williams, Judge of Probate in and for the said County and State J.B. Houge and made oath that he was present and saw John R. Farres sign seal and acknowledgethe foregoing 3 1/2  pages of written matter to be his last will and testament and that he with E. W. Pressley and J.A. Houge witness the due execution thereof in the Testators presence and in the presence of each other and that testator was then of sound mind and memory to the best of deponents knowledge and belief.
Sworn to and Subscribed before me J. B. Houge
This 12th day of June A. D. 1909
L.R. Williams
Probate Judge