The Robertsons in our family were probably Scotch-Irish who moved from Lowland Scotland to Northern Ireland before coming to America. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the beauty of the Highland tartan plaids.
Following are some wallpaper/backgrounds.
This is my favorite, Robertson red modified from a background I found on a
re-enactors' site. It looks the most like woven cloth.
This is nice, too, with a smaller pattern. The colors in this most closely match a Robertson red wool scarf I have.
Robertson red bigtime.
I found this nice Robertson hunting plaid on one of the clan sites.
Scotland Royal Banner
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
North Carolina
South Carolina
Confederate Naval Jack
Betsy Ross
Battle of Cowpens
Fort Moultrie
Today's U.S. flag
The flags above and many other animated graphics can be found at . Each flag comes with black, white and transparent backgrounds.
The site I got the above three flags from is . These are for use on a black background. The site also has versions for use on white or gray.
This site has good info on William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and others:
This is my site of folk music from the British Isles — all midis: