Insert the <applet> tag in your html document as follows to add this applet
to your page (Comments after the ";" symbol are code explanations and
acceptable min/max values. They are not part of the applet language):

<applet archive="tunnel.jar" code="tunnel.class" width="250" height="180">
<param name="credits" value="Applet by Fabio Ciucci (www.anfyteam.com)">
<param name="regcode" value="NO"> ; Registration code (if you have it)
<param name="reglink" value="NO"> ; Optional URL link when the applet
is "clicked".
<param name="regnewframe" value="YES"> ; Reglink opened in new frame?
<param name="regframename" value="_blank"> ; Name of new frame for reglink
<param name="statusmsg" value="Tunnel applet"> ; Statusbar message
<param name="image" value="stone.jpg"> ; Tunnel texture image
<param name="res" value="1"> ; resolution (1-8)
<param name="startx" value="100"> ; X start
<param name="starty" value="100"> ; Y start
<param name="conex" value="215"> ; X aspect ratio
<param name="coney" value="150"> ; Y aspect ratio
<param name="conez" value="1200"> ; Z aspect ratio
<param name="movement" value="5"> ; Type of movement (1..8)
<param name="effect" value="1"> ; Type of effect (1..2)
<param name="overimg" value="NO"> ; Optional image over applet
<param name="overimgX" value="0"> ; Over image X offset
<param name="overimgY" value="0"> ; Over image Y offset
<param name="memdelay" value="1000"> ; Memory deallocation delay
<param name="priority" value="3"> ; Task priority (1..10)
<param name="MinSYNC" value="10"> ; Min. milliseconds/frame for sync
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java. ; Message for no java browsers.
</applet> ; End of applet tag



The following instructions describe how to change parameters:

Attempting to change the "credits" parameter will disable the applet.

To activate the reg parameters read the shareware registration notes.
In the "regcode" parameter, place the registration code you purchased
from the author. If the code is correct and the applet is run from
the registered domain name, you can use "link" parameters to link to a URL
when the applet is mouse-clicked.

If you set "regnewframe" to "YES", you can specify a specific frame location
for the reglink:

"_blank" : To load the link in a new blank unnamed browser window.
"_self" : To load the link into the same window the applet occupies.
"_parent" : To load the link into the immediate FRAMESET parent.
"_top" : To load the link into the top body of the window.

You can also set a custom frame name, such as "myframe1".

With the "overimg" parameter, you can specify the name of an image that will
be painted over the applet. The best options are transparent GIF images.
NOTE: Animated GIF images are supported, but will be animated only on latest
browsers (Netscape 4 and Explorer 4 or newer).

With "overimgX" and "overimgY" you can center the image over the applet area.

The applet can be of any size. If res=1, remember to place the exact
size of the image in "width" and "height" tags. If res=2, insert doubleed
values, if res=3 insert tripled values, etc.
(In fact, res is a sort of zoomer).

The image used as the tunnel texture can be of any size, but the best results
are shown with textures bigger than the applet area.

The startx, starty, conex, coney, conez parameter values can be varied to
change the tunnel's appearance, making it deformed, but the values suggested
are the optimum ones.

You can select the type of movement with the "movement" parameter:

1) advance
2) back
3) anticlockwise rotation
4) clockwise rotation
5) advance + clockwise rotation
6) advance + anticlockwise rotation
7) back + clockwise rotation
8) back + anticlockwise rotation

You can select between 2 kind of effects: with "1" you are in
a tunnel, with "2" you are outside the tunnel.