Yes, it's spelled "Ferris wheel". But if you've been researching this family, you've seen a variety of spellings: Farris, Faris, Faries, Faires, Ferris, Fergus and others. It's enough to make your head spin. So, hop on and join us.
Much research already has been done into this family. I suggest you visit Wanda Rabb's Farris site, check her links and perhaps join the Farris GenForum. My own research is centered in the Carolinas. Below are some mainly Carolina links you may find helpful, historical or just fun:
York County, SCGenWeb

York County cemetery listings

York County maps

Photos of York County-area Farrises

York County Farris grave markers

York County Culture and Heritage Commission

York County Farrises in the Civil War

Two family reunion accounts

Farrises and the British Isles (with tartan plaids)

The Herald newspaper online

A flag of flowers

Piedmont-area cemeteries, deeds, etc. by Bill Floyd